FC Barcelona launches NFT collection to combat, raise awareness of plastic pollution

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FC Barcelona and Plastiks have joined forces to combat the plastic crisis and promote environmental well-being. Together, they aim to recover one million kilograms of plastic, equivalent to a staggering 35 million one-litre plastic bottles.

As part of this collaboration, FC Barcelona and Plastiks have unveiled an exclusive NFT collection called “Unleash Your Passion,” comprising 3,000 animal-themed digital artwork pieces. Every purchase of an Unleash Your Passion NFT contributes to the removal of 35,000,000 kilograms of plastic from the planet.

By acquiring one of these NFTs, collectors not only obtain ownership of a unique digital artwork but also gain access to exclusive perks and rewards, which include limited edition content and a privileged glimpse into the world of FC Barcelona.

Additionally, buyers will have the chance to enter a draw for the most sought-after prizes, 10 autographed shirts from members of the FC Barcelona men’s first team.

André Vanyi-Robin, CEO and Co-Founder of Plastiks, emphasized the value of NFTs in representing waste recovery programs and their online impact. NFTs also serve as a means of providing verifiable information about the recovered materials and their destinations.

According to Vanyi-Robin, the Plastiks platform enhances transparency in tracking plastic recovery, making it an invaluable ally for prominent organizations with large communities that aspire to contribute to plastic recovery efforts and create a positive impact.

“NFTs are a great way to represent waste recovery programmes and their positive impact online while providing a source of verifiable information about what has been recovered and where it has gone,” he said.

“The Plastiks platform boosts transparency in the tracking of plastic recovery and is therefore a powerful partner for any leading organisation with a large community that wants to help recover plastics from the environment for their community and help to make a difference.”

He emphasized that Plastiks not only enables communities to recover plastics from the environment but also empowers them to make a meaningful difference through collaboration with a trusted partner committed to transparency and sustainability.

Sustainability effort

FC Barcelona is globally recognized as one of the most esteemed and widely supported football teams. With over 400 million followers across its various platforms, the club holds a prominent position in the global football industry, engaging fans worldwide.

Driven by a strong commitment to sustainability and the potential of Web3 technology, FC Barcelona is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that promote an environmentally conscious approach to its community.

Jordi Portabella, the director of the FC Barcelona Sustainability Area, said, “Sustainability is one of the three pillars of FC Barcelona’s 2021-26 Strategic Plan. An alliance with Plastiks helps us meet our United Nations and European Commission goals for the years 2030 and 2050, especially in the field of waste.”

One football match alone produces over 8,000 kilograms of plastic waste, and in their joint effort to combat plastic pollution, FC Barcelona and Plastiks aim to reduce plastic pollution to the equivalent of four matches’ worth of plastic waste.

By fostering sustainable development throughout all aspects of its operations, FC Barcelona strives to achieve leading certifications in sustainability.

“In addition, the launch of this project also means a message to generate awareness among people around the world who want to contribute to creating a more sustainable society and help to recover the environment,” Portabella said.


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