Epic releases Fortnite 24.10 Patch Notes: Augments system boost, new quests

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Epic Games has recently launched the 24.10 patch notes, the first major update of Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 2. There are improvements in this season’s augments system, new quests and other updates that players can find on the recent patch.

Augments system improvement

Augments system allows players to choose up to four perks in a match and was first introduced in Chapter 4 Season 1. Players have voiced their complaints that the perk options in Chapter 4 Season 2 were not as interesting as the ones offered in the previous season. Of 20 perks offered before the new update, players said only a few perks were useful in matches.

Epic introduced four new perks with the 24.10 Patch — Rail Warrior, Go for Broke, Aquatic Warrior and Game Time. The Rail Warrior augment helps characters regenerate their Health levels and form a partial Shield while sliding on grind rails or ziplines.

Go For Broke gives players a Flintknock Pistol and a Charge Shotgun. The Aquatic Warrior offers several advantages, namely the ability to move faster, create a partial Shield while swimming and regenerate Health. Meanwhile, Game Time grants Chug Splashes and Pizza Party.

Event: Spring Breakout Quests

With the new update, Epic also introduced the Spring Breakout Quests, which will last from March 29 to April 11. The studio will update the quests daily until the end of the event. Players can add more XP to their Battle Pass and obtain special cosmetics, such as the Bloomback Sack Back Bling and Fresh Flyer Glider.

Since the new event is a part of the Easter celebration, there is a challenge where players must gather laid eggs, which is new to Fortnite. Players can chase around chickens by locating them via the map and waiting for them to drop eggs. Heal eggs are green and can restore Health and Shield over time.

Meanwhile, Hop eggs are blue and can add to players’ Health and give a low-gravity effect. These chickens may lay Golden eggs once in a while too.

Specialist characters

Epic has added eight specialist characters that players can higher to aid them in matches. These characters are divided into four classes — Scout Specialist, Heavy Specialist, Supply Specialist and Medical Specialist.

Scouts can shoot enemies from afar using a Sniper as well as pinging nearby enemies and Chests. Heavies are experts in explosives and can create bigger damage than other specialists. Players with low supply can contact Supply Specialists, who will drop ammo and mats, except in Zero Build. Meanwhile, Medics will use Chug Splashes to restore players’ Health and Shield.

Game-playing improvements

The developer fixed several bugs in the previous version to improve the gaming experience. Players will no longer find notifications of Save the World installation if they already have the sandbox game installed.

There was also an issue with the Kinetic Blade’s Knockback Slash in which the weapon’s owner would not take fall damage. With the new update, players may obtain fall damage when performing the attack but can still prevent the damage using the Dash Attack.

Mobile device issues have also improved with the new patch. Mobile Fortnite players can now play at 90 FPS if the option is available, as previously, certain mobile devices only allowed players to play at a maximum rate of 60 FPS. Mobile players will no longer experience a delay in using the grind rail interaction button as well.

Epic introduced new Energy options in the Settings tab of My Island as well — Energy Max, Energy Recharge Amount and Energy Recharge Delay. Players can influence any game mechanics that use Energy, like sliding and sprinting, by choosing certain options.


Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. (wikipedia)

Fortnite: Save the World

Fortnite: Save the World is a cooperative hybrid-third-person looter shooter tower defense sandbox survival video game developed and published by Epic Games, part of the game Fortnite. (wikipedia)


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