CyberBrokers launches metaverse platform that allows users to create 3D robot NFTs

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Media and metaverse company CyberBrokers has launched Genesis Mechs. The platform allows users to make customized 3D humanoid robot NFTs. CyberBrokers CEO and crypto artist Josie Bellini leads the project with the support of Glob Studio.

Starting April 19, users can visit the CyberBrokers’ website to access Genesis Mechs, where they can customize their Mechs using its immersive web-based creation process called Mech Assembly. The pre-assembled Mechs can be bought on OpenSea.

The framework behind Genesis Mechs allows users to create their fully-rigged 3D Mechs with customization options. Users can choose from six different Mech parts, 38 colors of Afterglow and 50 styles. This results in over 17.5 billion possible configurations.

This level of customization is made possible through advanced code that recognizes and labels each Mech part, automates the process of snapping the parts, ensures correct pivoting and combines all the parts to create a final Mech that can be minted as an NFT.

This ground-breaking framework allows for a wide range of bone counts and 3D skeletal configurations, giving users unprecedented control over the appearance of their metaverse-ready NFTs.

Highly anticipated release

Highly anticipated release

The path towards creating Genesis Mechs and Mech Assembly started with a sequence of six web-based community puzzle-solving events referred to as Quests, taking place every month from April to October 2022.

During these Quests, participants gathered as many as 70,000 Mech part NFTs, which they can now use to assemble, build and mint their Mechs.

After assembling a Genesis Mech, users will receive downloadable, fully-rigged 3D assets such as GLB and VRM files. These files come in different resolutions compatible with XR, animation, 3D printing and gaming.

Users can use their Mechs to explore 3D worlds, supported by Monaverse and MOCA. In the future, they can explore Nifty Island, Webaverse and more.

“At CyberBrokers, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Josie Bellini, CyberBrokers CEO and founder

CyberBrokers plans to offer Genesis Mech holders access to a story-driven experience where they can use their Mechs to complete missions and engage in an immersive adventure.

Bellini said that CyberBrokers is dedicated to constant innovation and designed Genesis Mech to be adaptable and easily integrable in the rapidly changing metaverse. The Mechs represent a technical breakthrough in 3D modeling and animation in the NFT space.

The company aims to empower users to explore, connect and create within the open metaverse. The Mech Assembly experience allows individuals to unleash their creativity and turn their ideas into reality.

To mark the release of Genesis Mechs, CyberBrokers is organizing a launch party that will be streamed live on Twitter and YouTube on April 19.

The event will feature special guests and the Genesis Mech Showroom debut on the Mona virtual platform.

More on CyberBrokers’s user-centric approach

As part of its user-centric approach, in January, the CyberBrokers project launched a website offering the Reveal Experience service. With this feature, users can trade their unrevealed TPL Mech Parts (ERC-1115) for Revealed Mech Parts (ERC-721) in fifty different styles.

The website guides users through the process through a mech looter character named Pretty. After connecting their wallet, users can start the Reveal process by clicking Contact Pretty and selecting which TPL Mech Parts they want to reveal.

The website provides an FAQ section that addresses common concerns about the Reveal Experience. It also details the rarity of the fifty Mech Styles and the factors that determine their style.


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