Crazy Baby Astronauts launches Web3 game with NFT playable characters

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Popular NFT project Crazy Baby Astronauts has revealed the launch of its metaverse game. The game will include Crazy Baby Astronauts as playable characters and is anticipated to bring innovation to the gaming and NFT industries.

The Crazy Baby Astronauts team has been working on a metaverse game for several months. The game is designed to provide an immersive gaming experience and create new opportunities for NFT collectors.

Players will be able to explore a vast universe in the game. They can also earn NFTs by completing missions and challenges.

Crazy Baby Astronauts is distinctive from other NFT projects due to its focus on utility. After all, every Crazy Baby Astronauts NFT has a unique use case in the game.

The Crazy Baby Astronauts team gained attention earlier this year by launching their NFT into space. For several days, the NFT, shaped like a one-of-a-kind Crazy Baby Astronauts, orbited the planet from a satellite.

They faced difficulties but persisted and stayed committed to their endeavor. The project quickly became one of the most talked-about NFT projects of the year due to its quirky design and unique approach to NFTs.

Space-themed metaverse games gain popularity

In recent times, space-themed NFTs have become increasingly popular. Crazy Baby Astronauts is a unique and innovative NFT project, but there are also other similar projects gaining traction in the industry.

One such project is STARL, a space-themed NFT project that recently launched its gaming metaverse. The difference is STARL’s gaming metaverse operates on and off the blockchain.

Earlier this month, STARL introduced a unique Pass Point system that enables crypto users to purchase off-chain points. Users can use these points to acquire game assets without paying gas or waiting for processing transactions.

They can later convert these points back to NFTs. This system enables a seamless blend of off- and on-chain gaming tailored to individual user preferences.

STARL Metaverse features

STARL Metaverse is a virtual universe that offers a unique and immersive gaming experience, and at the heart of it is Warp Nexus, a thrilling space flight game. In this game, players can build their spaceships, explore the galaxy, trade and combat against space pirates.

In addition to the space flight game Warp Nexus, the STARL Metaverse offers a range of other exciting features. One of them is the Live Arena, a massive spacecraft that serves as a hub for virtual dance parties, live performances and other events, providing users with a vibrant social scene to connect and interact with other players.

Another unique aspect of the metaverse is the Living Modules, customizable spaceships that orbit planets and offer stunning views, creating a unique approach to virtual real estate. Players can upgrade and acquire these modules through participatory methods.

One more stand-out feature of the STARL Metaverse is STARCADE, a platform that offers engaging mini-games with leaderboard prizes, providing users with friendly competition and rewards.

The metaverse also provides portals of meditation and mental health. These portals allow users to relax, engage in guided meditation, and enjoy the beauty of the UE5-powered space for mental well-being.

Adding to the excitement, STARL’s NFTs have utility and earning features within the Metaverse and games. These features grant access to various portals and areas, making them valuable assets for users.

With its innovative approach, STARL aims to establish itself as a leader in the rapidly evolving metaverse landscape by creating a distinctive and immersive virtual universe that prioritizes fun, creativity and user engagement.


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