BitNile Metaverse garners 675,000 active users in one month

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BitNile Metaverse (BNMV), formerly known as Ecoark Holdings, has announced that its platform has garnered over 675,000 active users since its early access launch on March 1.

The number of users has grown rapidly over the past month, from 370,000 active users within the first 21 days to 500,000 active users in less than a month, proving its appeal to a diverse and global audience.

BNMV owns and operates the platform, allowing users to explore the virtual world using just their web browser without requiring permissions, downloads or extra apps. Users can have an immersive experience without having to own any expensive virtual reality headsets.

“All you need are your eyes and a screen,” said BitNile Holdings founder and CEO Milton “Todd” Ault III.’s features

On, users can engage in a diverse range of activities, including gaming, socializing, exploring the virtual world and creating content. It aims to become a new alternative social networking community, offering the opportunity to transform how people live, work, play and socialize.

Some of its features include avatar creation, inventory collection, player quests, maps available for exploration and a virtual bazaar. Among the highlights of the platform is a racing game in collaboration with professional NTT IndyCar Series race car driver Conor Daly.

“BitNile is an incredible ‘blended-reality’ platform where you’re able to combine real-life activities with what’s going on in the BitNile Metaverse,” said the 31-year-old racer.

Fans can interact with Daly through the platform, asking him questions and even racing against him. This unique feature has added a social dimension to the platform — beyond just gaming — allowing users to connect with their favorite public figures in a new and exciting way.

“Create an avatar, interact with some folks, maybe do some shopping, play a few casino games, race some dirt buggies. Lots of fun to be had,” Daly said.

To support the ever-growing community on the platform, BNMV will be adding three new games and three new in-world features in the coming weeks, including e-commerce and live-streaming entertainment, in phases.

Users can purchase digital and physical products in the marketplace and have them delivered to their doors.

Douglas Gintz, the president of BNMV’s subsidiary (BNI), mentioned that user insights, feedback and contributions are keys for developers to continuously refine and enhance multiple aspects of the platform.

The developers are also actively working on a tiered rewards system aimed at incentivizing users to visit the platform more frequently and stay longer.

BNMV chief technology officer Joe Spaziano asserts that the platform embodies the true essence of the metaverse — a global, connected experience that brings people together.

Despite being in its early stages, he expressed enthusiasm for the platform and its potential for users. In addition to users, advertisers may also find value in the platform’s unique advertising models. has expanded to over 176 countries, as announced during the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. encourages users to stay connected through Twitter and Discord, where the developers may drop announcements about the platform’s upcoming updates.


In science fiction, the “metaverse” is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal, (wikipedia)

Public company

A public company is a company whose ownership is organized via shares of stock which are intended to be freely traded on a stock exchange or in over-the-counter markets. (wikipedia)


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