Bitcoin 2023 Miami conference sees drop in attendance

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Bitcoin 2023, held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, has seen a notable decline in attendance compared to the previous year. While last year’s conference attracted over 35,000 attendees, this year’s event expects approximately 15,000 dedicated cryptocurrency enthusiasts and over 2,000 companies.

“Bitcoin winter is heating up in Miami,” the conference’s website reads.

Andre Hicks, a traveling nurse from upstate New York who has attended the conference for the past two years, told Decrypt that this year’s event is less crowded than the previous years. He described the current market as a “dead bear market” and expressed his surprise at the subdued conference atmosphere.

Hicks attributed the decline in attendance to reduced disposable income among the general population, mainly due to high inflation. He also highlighted that people tend to be more interested in attending conferences when the price of Bitcoin is on a positive trajectory.

“Everybody wants to win,” said Hicks. But many people are unwilling to “go through the stacking phase” and invest the time and effort required to educate themselves about cryptocurrencies.

Sam Miyakawa, an open-source developer involved with Snort Social and passionate about decentralized social media, told Decrypt his optimism regarding the conference’s attendance.

“They’ll get a lot more people here tomorrow,” he said.

According to Miyakawa, it is understandable that this year’s attendance is lower than Bitcoin 2022, an event he also attended. He pointed out that Bitcoin 2022 occurred when the cryptocurrency market transitioned from a bullish phase.

The conference is set to wrap up with an exclusive afterparty on Saturday night. Participants can select either general admission tickets at $999 or the Industry Pass at $2,299, which provides additional perks such as access to the exclusive Official Networking App.

Participants can look forward to engaging talks from notable speakers like U.S. presidential candidates Robert F. Kennedy and Vivek Ramaswamy, esteemed author Michael Lewis and North Carolina Republican Representative Patrick McHenry, who also chairs the House Financial Services Committee.

Bitcoin conference 2023

The Miami-based Bitcoin conference taking place this week, which is organized by BTC Inc. and BTC Media, LLC, boasts an extensive program of over 180 talks. Some of the intriguing session titles include “Boom to Bust: Wall Street & the FTX Aftermath,” “The Great Ordinal Debate” and “Bitcoin-Powered Nuclear Energy.”

At the heart of the Bitcoin 2023 Expo Hall, a 16-foot-tall block clock tower presents live blockchain visualizations. The building rings each time a new Bitcoin block is discovered. In Satoshi Square, a live news desk broadcasts to a broad audience, featuring renowned guests and event analysis.

One highlight for attendees is the Bitcoin Mining Village, showcasing top mining companies worldwide. An interactive installation called “the cube” enhances the overall experience.

Visitors can also explore Bisq Square, a designated space for buying and selling Bitcoin. Bitcoin ATMs will be conveniently available throughout the event area.

The Expo Hall features the Bitcoin Bazaar, a lively marketplace with over 30 vendors. These vendors accept Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network and offer diverse merchandise, including apparel, art, crafts, 3D prints and more.

For those seeking competitive activities, the Expo Hall also hosts the highly anticipated Bitcoin Games, where attendees compete for a full Bitcoin grand prize.

The Expo Hall’s Bitcoin Magazine lounge provides content creators with a dedicated podcasting and interview space. Attendees can also enjoy the unique “snake duel” game in a specially designed arcade cabinet that accepts BTC payments via the Lightning Network.


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