Animoca Brands partners with UFC’s Rose Namajunas to launch NFT memorabilia collecting challenge

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Web3 software company Animoca Brands and its subsidiary Lympo have announced a partnership with Ultimate Fighting Championship champion Rose Namajunas to launch Build Your Own Fighter with Thug Rose, a digital memorabilia collecting challenge.

This collaboration aims to introduce blockchain and NFTs to a global audience of sports enthusiasts. The Build Your Own Fighter with Thug Rose challenge is a Digisport collectible NFT project that offers unique and limited-edition digital items for fans to buy and trade.

Lympo CEO and co-founder Tadas Maurukas expressed excitement about revolutionizing how fans engage with sports by combining it with Web3 technology. Through this partnership, the company allows fans to interact with their favorite athletes in a new and innovative way.

“By combining the excitement of sports with Web3 technology, the collaboration with Thug Rose will revolutionize the way we engage with sports,” said Maurukas. “We’re thrilled to provide a platform that enables fans to connect with their favorite athletes in a new and exciting way while also exploring the possibilities of blockchain.”

The collector’s challenge allows fans to collect NFT stickers from limited-edition mystery boxes. This challenge will be accessible from May 26 to June 18 through the website

Once enough digital stickers have been collected, participants can redeem rewards such as autographed memorabilia and exclusive in-person experiences with Namajunas. They will also be able to create custom fighter character avatars inspired by the fighter.

The UFC female mixed martial artist has twice held the UFC Women’s Strawweight Championship. She currently holds the second position in the UFC rankings

Another Animoca subsidiary is developing Web3-based educational games

Animoca’s subsidiary TinyTap has also secured $8.5 million in funding to develop Web3-based educational games. The investment will support TinyTap in expanding its successful Web2 platform into the Web3 space.

The company aims to provide better earning opportunities for teachers. TinyTap also wants to empower parents and communities to support their preferred educational content.

“Teachers and educators are among the most important content creators and contributors in society, and yet their wages typically do not reflect their critical importance,” said Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chair of Animoca.

TinyTap initiated its Web3 campaign in 2022 by conducting two auctions of Publisher NFTs, representing co-publishing rights to a curated bundle of educational games created on the TinyTap platform. The course creators and the NFT buyers, who also become co-publishers, will get a share of the NFT sales profits.

With this innovative approach, the company aims to provide equity for educators and facilitate the distribution and promotion of their courses through decentralized ownership.

TinyTap’s Publisher NFTs have gained traction in the Web3 community, receiving positive feedback from course creators and co-publishers alike. Publisher NFT owner Misa Matsuzaki shared her experience of adapting a course for Japan and expressed enthusiasm for the possibilities of Web3 in education.

“TinyTap helps teachers to actualise great ideas into educational content that can be accessed regardless of location – for example, one of the courses I bought was adapted for Japan,” said Misa.

TinyTap CEO Yogev Shelly believes that this new incentive system will benefit all parties involved. The new system also contributes to the company’s mission of empowering educators, students and the community by putting the power of learning back in their hands.

With the recent funding and the adoption of Web3 technology, TinyTap is poised to revolutionize the edtech space by creating an equitable ecosystem that recognizes and rewards the contributions of teachers while providing enhanced learning materials for students worldwide.


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