Adidas, FEWOCiOUS to release limited edition sneakers in NFT collaboration

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Adidas has partnered with NFT artist FEWOCiOUS to combine art, culture, creativity and Web3 innovation. Together, they are launching a special limited edition Trefoil Flower Mint Pass.

Set to launch on June 22, this pass holds an additional benefit for Trefoil Flower NFT holders, who will be able to redeem a complimentary pair of FEWOCiOUS-designed Campus 00 sneakers.

Reflecting FEWOCiOUS’ distinctive artistic style, the iconic Adidas Originals silhouette is transformed with a captivating black and white “linework” design. The sneakers feature laces adorned with a bold blue and white cloud pattern.

Victor Langlois, widely known by his artistic pseudonym FEWOCiOUS, has emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of Web3 art, leaving a profound impact on a rapidly expanding community. His artistic expression is characterized by a delightful playfulness, captivating aesthetics, and a deeply intimate essence.

FEWOCiOUS utilizes his creative endeavors to share his personal narrative and vividly depict his experiences as a transgender person during their formative years.

The artist’s relationship with Adidas /// Studio (Three Stripes Studio) began during the Art Basel Miami event in December 2022. He mesmerized audiences with his talent showcased through an installation.

FEWOCiOUS has since fostered a long-standing connection with the Adidas brand, using their silhouettes as the canvas for his artistic vision since the tender age of 16.

FEWOCiOUS expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying that working with Adidas is a dream come true. “I can’t believe I was paintin’ adidas shoes in my bedroom by myself four years ago and now I get to officially collaborate with them!” he said.

He also reaffirmed his trust in the future of fashion and footwear and the convergence of the digital and physical world.

“I’m so excited for [the shoes] to see the world and for everyone to be part of that journey with me,” he said.

This release marks the brand’s first venture into creating a token-gated, NFC-tagged sneaker intricately linked to a limited edition NFT. This collaboration offers exclusive benefits to holders of the FEWOCiOUS x FewoWorld: Paint NFTs, as well as holders of the ALTS by Adidas’ Decos’ and ‘Soles’ [ALT]er Ego NFTs.

These benefits include discounted pricing and early access through the OpenSea platform on June 22. The brand and the artist have also made sure to extend this opportunity to a broader range of NFT holders within their respective ecosystems, allowing them early access before the public sale later in the day.

To acquire the Trefoil Flower Mint Pass, fans can mint and purchase it through OpenSea. Customers who purchase the Adidas Originals x FEWOCiOUS Trefoil Flower Mint Pass will have an exclusive opportunity. They will be able to redeem the physical Campus 00’s sneaker at a later date during the summer season.

Adidas ALTS collection’s popularity

Adidas made a notable move in December 2021 with the launch of its inaugural Into The Metaverse collection. This release promised exclusive benefits for holders, including access to collaborative merchandise and virtual land experiences throughout 2022.

Continuing their commitment to expanding the Into The Metaverse ecosystem, Adidas introduced the ALTS by Adidas collection last April. This collection aims to enhance the metaverse experience for its users further.

Adidas joined forces with NFT influencer gmoney, PUNKS Comic and the Bored Ape Yacht Club to introduce an innovative initiative. This collaboration allows NFT holders to exchange their existing NFTs for a new ERC-1155 token. By participating in this token exchange, participants become eligible for the project’s next phase, where they can also acquire physical clothing items alongside their new token.

As per the announcement, individuals who hold NFTs from the initial phase of Into the Metaverse would be eligible to receive new NFTs from the Ethereum-based ALTS by Adidas collection. However, to obtain these new NFTs, holders must burn their existing NFTs, with only the gas fee required. Adidas’s Web3 initiative comprises eight distinct “ALT[er]egos,” each featuring unique rarity traits and interactive storylines.

Holders will have the opportunity to unlock a range of benefits within the ALTS by Adidas ecosystem. These benefits include obtaining a stake in the ecosystem and granting holders some commercial, intellectual property (IP) rights over their character.

They will gain access to exclusive virtual wearables, participate in holder-only community gatherings, and join token-gated Discord channels, among other privileges.

Adidas Into the Metaverse introduces a collection of 30,000 digital collectibles residing on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is divided into three distinct phases, each offering unique opportunities. In the initial phase, the focus is on launching various community projects. Adidas has partnered with WAGMI United to provide an official kit for Crawley Town FC, solidifying their commitment to supporting local teams.

Moving into the second phase, holders of these digital collectibles will gain access to exclusive physical merchandise by utilizing their 3D NFT as a ticket. This offering allows holders to claim coveted items such as the “gm gm Beanie” (gmoney’s signature orange beanie), the Hash Hoodie and the Firebird Tracksuit.

In June 2022, holders were surprised with a mysterious airdrop, offering a glimpse into the newly launched Virtual Gear collection. The Into the Metaverse NFTs are available for purchase at 0.375 ETH ($453).

Virtual Gear wearables can be acquired on the secondary market, with the collection sold at a floor price of 0.038 ETH ($46.50). These offerings provide enthusiasts with various avenues to engage with the captivating world of virtual fashion and collectibles.

While the Into the Metaverse NFT collection lacks varying rarities, Virtual Gear introduces different rarity levels, offering holders a range of options. Notably, the Virtual DMT BAYC hoodie is available for purchase at 8.5 ETH. Those interested in acquiring an Adidas Impossible Box can do so for a price of 0.094 ETH ($115.00).

This collaboration marks a significant expansion for Adidas, as it encompasses various aspects of its operations. One notable development is establishing a dedicated creative studio, focusing on crucial areas such as strategy, product and technology, partnerships and creative roles.

The Adidas Originals Into the Metaverse NFT collection proved to be immensely popular, nearly selling out upon its initial launch. Each of the 30,000 NFTs was priced at 0.2 ETH, resulting in a remarkable revenue of approximately $23 million for Adidas and its collaborative partners.


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