3XP Web3 Gaming Expo announces game, exhibitor rosters

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The upcoming 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo, held at the Pasadena Convention Center in California on June 8-9, has revealed its full lineup of Web3 games and exhibitors.

The event will feature 60,000 square feet of immersive gameplay booths, live esports competitions and panels led by prominent figures in the web3 gaming industry. The expo will also feature 3XP’s Esports Arena, which will showcase a 5v5 gaming setup on stage, live commentary from shoutcaster talent and a community area equipped with 20 gaming PCs for walk-up playtests.

With a focus on advancing the Web3 gaming industry, 3XP aims to foster its growth by uniting visionary content and industry leaders. According to co-founder Chris Gonsalves, 3XP, as a gaming exhibition, emphasizes the significance of digital ownership in games.

“We believe all games will eventually include open economies that empower gamers with digital property rights,” said Gonsalves. “We’re extremely proud to be showcasing this incredibly high-quality roster of games and give the world a preview of the future of gaming.”

Brave, the privacy-focused web browser, is sponsoring the expo to support the growth of the Web3 gaming industry as a whole. The partnership includes Basic Attention Tokens ($BAT) rewards for the winners of the tournaments.

“The Web3 gaming industry shares our values of decentralization, transparency, opening an important and fun door for scaling this powerful technology,” said Brave vice president of business operations Luke Mulks.

Through live esports competitions, interactive gaming experiences and networking prospects, 3XP provides attendees with a chance to engage with the future of gaming while connecting with studios, investors, and gamers.

With its seamless and gasless payment infrastructure, Community Gaming will be 3XP’s platform partner. As a sponsor, it will enable instant player payouts and facilitate tournament matches within the arena.

Those who cannot attend the exhibition can still experience the event through their screens. Exhibition matches will also be available through live streaming on the front page of Twitch.

3XP’s list of events and exhibitors

3XP invites dozens of exhibitors — from companies to teams behind multiple games — to showcase their works. Among which are Horizon, Avalance, Immutable Games, Champions Ascension, Wildcard, Parallel, Last Remains, Aurory, My Pet Hooligan, The Machines Arena, Deadrop and Megaweapon.

Horizon’s Sequence takes a prominent role as a sponsor and exhibitor at 3XP, where visitors can explore cutting-edge Web3 games developed on the platform, such as Sunflower Land, Tower Conquest and Skyweaver.

At the Sequence booth, attendees interested in creating Web3 games can engage with product experts, discovering how Sequence simplifies the game-building process with its smart wallet and comprehensive web3 developer toolkit.

Aside from Sequence, Horizon also brings Skyweaver, its free-to-play digital trading card game, to 3XP. It is also powered by Sequence for a smooth, user-friendly Web3 experience.

Meanwhile, Immutable Games Booth offers visitors the chance to be among the first to experience its new games — MetalCore, an immersive open-world combat game set on an alien planet with massive battlefields, and The Bornless, a free-to-play survival-royale horror game set in the sinister town of Farmouth.

Twitch streamers such as Yassuo, Meteos, Mang0, BOBQIN and Taki are set to compete against renowned Web3 content creators like Brycent, Spike, Orangie, CryptoStache, ClassyCrypto, Yellow Panther, XBorg and Alliestrasza.


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